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Stock 000887➺Stock 000880

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This article will talk about stock 000887 and the knowledge points corresponding to stock 000880. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. What are the auto stocks? 2. What are the index funds that are heavily loaded with stocks with the prefix in Chinese? 3. What are the leading stocks in ventilator stocks? 4. New energy vehicle air suspension concept stocks. 6. What are the leading high-speed rail stocks? What are the auto stocks? The main auto concept stocks in A shares are: BYD (002594), Wanxiang Qianchao (000559), Songzhi (002454), Yutong Bus (600066), SAIC (600104) etc. New energy vehicle stocks include Automobile, SAIC, BYD, King Long Motors, Shanshan, etc. SAIC (600104), BYD (002594), JAC (600418), Changan Automobile (000625), Yutong Bus (600066), GAC Group (601238), Zhongtong Bus (000957). Asia Pacific, Aerospace Science and Technology, Yinjiang, Tianze Information, Qiming Information, Dinghan Technology, Jingu, Beidouxingtong, Shanghai Lingang, NavInfo. New energy vehicles include BYD and Yutong Bus stocks. The details are as follows: BYD has been the sales champion of new energy vehicles in China for four consecutive years. From January to October this year, the company's new energy vehicle sales reached 172,000 units, and its market share increased to 20%, continuing to rank first. You can learn about related stocks such as SAIC Motor, Xingyu Stock, Smart Transportation, Ningbo Gaofa, etc. on the trading software. What are the index funds with heavy stocks of stocks with the prefix in the middle? China South Locomotive & China CNR = China Shenche, PetroChina & Sinopec = China Shenyou, China COSCO & China Shipping = China Shenyun, Baosteel & Wuhan Iron and Steel = China Shentie , China Heavy Industry & China Shipbuilding = China Shenchuan, China Unicom & China Telecom = China Shentong. Funds that prefer large-cap stocks and investment styles hold more stocks with a middle prefix. As the name suggests, the first Chinese character is a Chinese character, such as: PetroChina, Sinopec, China Life, etc. Funds with a preference for large-cap stocks in their investment style hold more stocks with a Chinese prefix. Funds that prefer large-cap stocks and investment styles hold more stocks with a middle prefix. As the name suggests, the first Chinese character is a Chinese character, such as: PetroChina, Sinopec, China Life, etc. What are the leading ventilator stocks? Leading ventilator companies have stocks 000887: Mindray Medical, Aerospace Changfeng, Yuyue Medical, Zhongke Meiling, Changhong Meiling, etc. Mindray Medical stock 000887: Founded in 1991, it is a leading enterprise in China's medical device industry, and its products are sold in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. In the domestic market, the company's products cover more than 99% of the top three hospitals. Yuwell Medical: The company is the world's largest manufacturer of oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrators have always been one of the company's main products. At present, the company's production lines related to the epidemic are accelerating production. Aerospace Changfeng: The company produces many types of ventilators. Listed companies manufacturing ventilators in China include: Mindray Medical (300760), Yuyue Medical (002223), Fosun Pharma (600196), Aerospace Changfeng (600855), Shenzhen Technology (000021), Megmeet (002851), Ruikang Medical (002589) and Tongda Stock (300321). MAQUET is a subsidiary of GETINGEAB, a group listed in Sweden. The brand of MAQUET represents the medical system business field. Together with ArjoHuntleigh, which focuses on the extended care field, and Getinge, which focuses on infection control, the entire group attaches great importance to the development of forward-looking medical technology. The new energy vehicle air suspension concept stock recently issued the GB "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety" of stock 000887, which requires stock 000887. Since January 1, 2020, dangerous goods transport semi-trailers, inner three-axis fences and warehouse fences All three types of semi-trailers must be equipped with air suspension. From 2020, if there is no such air suspension configuration. At present, the main suppliers of global automotive air suspension systems are: Continental Group, domestic Zhongding shares, Vibrak and AMK (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongding), Tuopu Group, Baolong Technology, Tianrun Industry, Konghui Automobile, Kehui Boda and other companies. New models are competing to be equipped with air suspension systems, and localization is expected to quickly reduce costs. Baolong Technology (603197): The company is committed to automotive intelligent and lightweight products. The main products include automotive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), automotive sensors, ADAS, active air suspension, automotive metal pipe fittings, valves and balance weights, etc. . Many newly launched domestic new energy vehicles have begun to be equipped with air suspension. Models like NIO’s ES6/EC6/ET7/ES7/ES8, Ideal L8/L Xiaopeng G Jikrypton 001/00 Lantu Free/Dreamer, Gaohe and other models all provide air suspension. In addition, Yangwang U8 is also equipped with BYD Cloud-P system, which can realize self-adjustment of height. It can make the total adjustment stroke of Yangwang U8 suspension reach 150mm, and the maximum wading depth without wading hose is 1000mm, which effectively improves vehicle passability. Zhongding shares oriental wealth stock bar 1. Zhongding shares (000887) stock bar, where shareholders and friends can speak freely, analyze and discuss the latest developments in stock names. The total share capital is 4,255.51 million shares. Founded in 1980, Zhongding Holdings (Group) Company is headquartered in Ningguo City, an ecological city in southeast Anhui with beautiful mountains and rivers. 2. The current industry leaders in high-speed rail are: China Railway 601390, China Railway Industry 60052, and CRRC 601766. Reminder: ①The above explanation is for reference only, without any suggestion. 3. First- and second-tier blue chips are relative terms. For example, the first-tier blue chips mentioned in the current Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets usually refer to: Sinopec, China Unicom, Baosteel, China Merchants Bank, Yangtze Power, Huaneng International, etc. have super large market capitalization in the domestic capital market, excellent performance, and domestic peers. An aircraft carrier-level company with a relatively monopoly position in the industry. Gaomeng New Materials (stock code: 300200), the company was established on July 22, 1999. It is currently a leading enterprise in the domestic high-performance composite polyurethane adhesive industry, and a professional manufacturer with the most varieties, the largest scale, and the highest market share in the field of flexible packaging composite polyurethane adhesives. Main products: composite polyurethane adhesives. Taiyuan Heavy Industry: Domestic replacement or acceleration. It is rumored that the Ministry of Railways has purchased a set of 350km/h train full simulation bench equipment from the United States to conduct domestic equipment bench tests. Taiyuan Heavy Industry is expected to be the first company to participate in the bench test. This move marks an important link in the import substitution of high-speed rail accessories. I have paid attention to the high-speed rail concept sector before, and now there are many individual stocks involved. Among them, Kangyue Technology 30039 Yaxia Stock 00237 Jinyi Industry 601002 are all leading high-speed rail concept stocks. CRRC. CRRC is a leading company in the high-speed rail industry formed by the merger of CSR and CNR. The company's main business includes R&D, manufacturing and repair of railway locomotives, passenger and freight cars, EMUs, urban rail subway vehicles and important parts, as well as special technology industries related to rail transportation equipment. The time periods of leading stocks are not the same. If you invest in Ping An Securities, log in to the Ping An Pocket Bank APP or Ping An Securities APP and directly go to the consultation entrance in the upper right corner of the home page-trading, do not enter manual transfer, and directly send "high-speed rail sector leading stock" to check real-time information. That’s all for the introduction of stock 000887. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about stock 000880 and stock 000887, don’t forget to search on this site.

Stock 000887➺Stock 000880

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